1. Who we are:‚Äč

We are a team of skilled traders with vast expertise in the intricacies of trading, particularly in successfully completing prop firm challenges. Our challenge passing process has been automated through years of experience, and we strive to maximize our potential by extending this service to those who have been unsuccessful in their attempts.

2. Is it true that the service guarantees complete success?

Until now, none of our customers have encountered any account losses due to rule violations. Nonetheless, in some instances where market conditions are unpredictable, we may be unable to achieve the target within a month. If this occurs, you will receive a free retry, and no extra fees will be charged by FTMO, MFFs, and other similar entities.

3. Will I be refunded in case you are unable to pass my challenge?

Yes. You will get a full refund if we fail your challenge by violating one of the rules set by the prop firms. For example, if we violate the daily drawdown and overall drawdown rules, we will give you a full 100% refund.

4. Which account sizes do you offer to pass?

We pass all account sizes starting from $50k.

5. How many accounts can you pass?

There exists a maximum limit to the amount of capital allocation that prop firms can assign to individual users. Consequently, kindly contact us prior to purchasing multiple prop firm challenges.

6. Do you also trade funded accounts?

Indeed, we offer an account management service that involves us overseeing your funded accounts. Our fee for this service is only 20% of your payouts.